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Fire Extinguishers

All extinguishers should be serviced under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It requires any person who has some level of control in premises in relation to fire safety to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of fire and to make sure people can safely escape if there is a fire. The first step in fulfilling this legal obligation is the completion of fire risk assessments to identify and understand the risks then to take all necessary actions to remove or minimise those risks as far as possible. An essential part of that will involve identifying all the fire fighting equipment needed, including fire extinguishers.

Alpha Fire and Security Systems can carry out the annual maintenance of your existing portable fire extinguishers, by FIA standard trained engineers to BS5306-3: 2009.

When we carry out servicing of your extinguishers there are no hidden charges. Our prices include ALL serviceable items at the time of service including tamper tags, seals and labels. Our engineers are NOT on commission. We ensure that your business is safe and meets it legal obligations. We will, however, point out items that may need attention that are not included in our basic service package, such as damaged hoses or horns, damaged appliances or low gas levels, advice at the time will be provided, if remedial action is required a quote will follow accordingly.

There are many types of fire extinguishers, all of which have a different purpose. These include water extinguishers, water with additive extinguishers, foam extinguishers, CO2 or carbon dioxide extinguishers, powder extinguishers and wet chemical extinguishers. Of these extinguishers there are many different capacities to meet different ratings.

Fire Extinguisher supply, service & commissioning

Basic Fire Extinguisher Requirements

To calculate your basic extinguisher requirement divide your total floor area in square metres by 200, this will give you, your basic A-rating requirement. The minimum extinguisher rating for any building however is 26A and usually comprises of 2 x 13A-rated water extinguishers. If a building has more than 1 storey the same rule applies to each storey, except where the upper floor area is less than 100 square metres and is single occupancy, if this is the case then a minimum rating of 13A is required on that single floor.